Here's Minal Hajratwala giving permission to archive her account of the Amina hoax biography that hoaxer Tom MacMaster sent to her with no indication that it was a work of fiction. In the included correspondence, Mr. MacMaster threatens to sue Minal, asserting copyright violation over the unsolicited hoax manuscript and mumbling something about libel.

Here's a SHA digest of the post.

Here's the hoax bio that Mr. MacMaster sent to Ms. Hajratwala. Mr. MacMaster gave no indication that this was a work of fiction, or that he was roleplaying Amina. There is no reason to believe that Mr. MacMaster presented this hoax biography with any form of good will, or for any purpose other than to get a book deal under fraudulent pretext. In the context of critical analysis of Mr. MacMaster's racist, sexist, heterosexist, and Islamophobic behavior and the very real harm it has done to actual people who are various combinations of Syrian, Women, Lesbian, etc., I include it here fore review under the principles of fair use.