An internet-based archive of battered men cannot begin with anyone other than the late Allan Wells. He had alot to say about his wife battering him over the course of several years of marriage.

On 19 February 1991, Allan Wells committed suicide after a disasterous divorce from the woman who had abused him all these years.

In his memory, Dave Gross and Charlene Hindes started the Allen Wells Memorial Fund For Battered Husbands, donations to which can be sent to:

                        Allen Wells Memorial Fund
                        c/o Dave Gross
                        3500 Bullock Lane #75
                        San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

We'll never hear his story first hand, but let us make no mistake: Phil Hartman was a victim of Domestic Violence, murdered in his sleep by his wife.

Certified Male journal has a number of men's testimonials which accompanied their Winter 1996 issue's article on female-perpetrated domestic violence against men:

ABC News did an article on 4 August about female-perpetrated domestic violence against men. It engendered a sizable response, including a number of men who wrote about their own experiences as survivors.

Bert Hoff has a number of men telling their stories about surviving Domestic Violence. I'm including it here so that we can effectively have one larger archive instead of several disjoint ones. Isn't hyper-text wonderful?

S.A.F.E.'s Survivors Stories page has testimonies from 7 men. also has a

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